It’s time to engage your child in imitation, turn taking, and speech sound development.  It’s time for Talk with Me, and The Big Book of Exclamations!  An educational book series designed to promote speech sound development and imitation of gestures, sounds, words, and phrases.
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Unique because

Both books are created by a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist who knows how to get toddlers talking!  The books are filled with all of the first gestures, sounds, words, and phrases a toddler learns to use. 
Our books are filled with carefully designed illustrations which immerse
children in the rich language that surrounds them in their
familiar environments and daily routines.
The beautiful illustrations depict a toddler’s daily routine and similar to a wordless book, there is no story to read. Instead, each illustration has suggestions for encouraging your child to imitate you and practice saying sounds and words during story time.
“Our goal is to get ​Talk with Me into the hands of every parent with a 12 month old baby as the strategies outlined encourage language learning, get toddlers talking, and stimulate brain development” says Teri. “This is our passion”.