Speech-Language Pathologists

                 Our book make a perfect gift coming from an SLP as
                     it promotes speech/language development!  It is a
perfect baby shower gift!

Easily Target
: Vowel production - Early emerging sounds - Various syllable shapes -
Articulation goals Expressive vocabulary -
Receptive vocabulary - Action phrases -
Syntax/sentence structure - Language and vocabulary for language sampling

Children with Apraxia: Talk with Me allows you to choose your level of focus enabling
a child to be successful as they move from u
se of long and short vowel sounds to functional
word approximations which promote consonant-vowel, VC, CVC, and CVCV syllable strings.
The illustrations provide optimal practice of speech sound production so specific speech
motor patterns become more automatic.
You can achieve repetitive practice of dozens of
sound sequences while having fun at the same time!!

 Early Intervention Professionals

Use our books during home visits to teach parents how to modify what they say and do
with books
in a way which entices the child to participate and respond.
Teach parents how to talk about the 
illustrations during story time by naming
the objects in the pictures and describing the scenes.

Our books have no story to read so parents who don't speak English or read
can use our books
successfully with their child. As we know,
language is what grows children's brains.


"People don't realize the impact of language and language environments on children’s brain development and there is finally really good research to back that up." -Dr. Dana Suskind, Thirty Million Words Project