"Congratulations on developing a wonderful book that serves many purposes from educating parents on eliciting expressive language to capturing the interest of the very young child with the beautiful illustrations"

-Sherri Graves, MA CCC-SLP


"I recently purchased your book and it is absolutely wonderful!! I use it during my toddler communication class and the children love to talk about the pictures. Even the children who are just learning single words feel confident in naming the pictures or making the sounds. I pass along your website and info about your book to my parents all of the time. Thank you."
-Teresa McDermond

"Thank you very much for sending us a copy of your book, The Big Book of Exclamations! We love it! What a brilliant idea and wonderful illustrations! We will use it well, and I am sure it will be of interest to many of our families".
-Nancy R. Kaufman, M.A.CCC/SLP, Director, The Kaufman Children's Center For Speech, Language, Sensory-Motor, and Social Connections, Inc.

"I absolutely LOVE the book!! I am an early intervention speech therapist and I am always looking for new and exciting materials to keep the little ones engaged. Thank you for doing a book like this! It is so nice to be able to show parents how to look and comment on the pictures in any book. There are so many things to talk about an each page and so many chances for little ones to try and imitate! Thanks again for a great book!!"
-Jenny M.

"Love the book.....such a great idea! Thanks for writing it...I am going to make sure all of the parents I come across are aware of this book!"
-Lisa Creager

"I would like to convey how grateful I am for a book such as this. My daughter who is 3 has had speech problems for some time. She responded very well to the book when the speech teacher introduced it to her. I cannot wait to have this book in our home."
-Krista S, Rice MN

"On tonight's show we were so happy to talk with Teri Kaminski-Peterson, a speech-language pathologist who has just published a new book for parents called The Big Book of Exclamations. Teri describes the book as a fun, educational book designed to promote speech sound development, and imitation of gestures, sounds, and words. I received my copy today. The art work is simply darling, and I highly recommend this for parents who might need help learning to use books with toddlers who don't like to "read" AND for parents who need a "script" to work with their young children with speech-language delays. Teri includes lots of FUN ways to facilitate those first play words from non-verbal children. I will be using this book with my little friends and their families starting tomorrow!"
-Laura Mize, M.A.CCC/SLP

"I received your book today and I LOVE IT! My first impression when I took it out of the package was WOW! I love the size. Tell your illustrator that the pictures are great! I love books and this looks like fun!"
-Mindy Hudon

"I was so happy to receive my copy of The Big Book of Exclamations!. I was very impressed with it at the ASHA convention and delighted to be reminded about the book. After looking through it and sharing it with some other faculty members, I passed it on to our clinic supervisors and they were really excited about putting it to use immediately. I'm sure our students will find it to be very helpful! I have nothing but praise to offer--the format, pictures, and parent information are excellent. I think the book design is ideally suited for its stated purposes. Thanks for creating such a great intervention tool. Again, I appreciate your thoughtfulness in sending a copy. I will be watching for other similar products from Chatterbox books!"
-Lynette Austin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Assistant Professor at Abilene Christian University

"I work with a group of toddlers ranging in age from 18 to 30 months. I use this book almost every day for our "circle" time. I have found the book to be very helpful with every day words for these children. They ask for the "no no puppy book" all the time, and they cry when I tell them we can't read it right away! The children love the make all the animal noises and they also love to perform all the actions. I strongly suggest this book to anyone who has children that are learning gestures, sounds, and words."
Kristin - Playhouse Childcare Center


Are you waiting to see if your child will outgrow a developmental delay?