The Big Book of Exclamations

Created in 2009, our first book show cases hand drawn and painted illustrations which depict a traditional family.  This edition is printed with a soft cover in order to provide our families with a more cost effective book to add to their collection.

Our books are unique!  The Big Book of Exclamations was the first of its kind to add interaction strategies right into each illustration.  These strategies teach parents/educators how to modify what they say about each illustration in order to maximize their child's communication potential.

*Created by a Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, The Big Book of Exclamations is filled with carefully designed illustrations which immerse infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in the rich language that surrounds them in their familiar environments and daily routines.

*Instead of a story to read, each illustration lists strategies which teach parents & educators how to modify what they say and do with each picture scene in a way which encourages the child to participate and practice communicating during story time.

*Our twenty four page books also contain information which helps parents understand speech and language development and we provide resources for those seeking advice.

*Ultimately, our goal is for parents/caregivers to feel successful as they use books with their little ones.  In addition, they don't need to speak english or know how to read to use our series!