Designed to jumpstart your child's early brain & language development while promoting imitation of gestures, sounds, words and interactive turn taking.  

Unique because:

Talk With Me can be used in two very different ways.

  • If your goal is to expose your child to  language, then you will describe the scenes in rich detail.  There are  hundreds of things you can say as you talk about each illustration. What  a great opportunity to connect, bond, and support your child’s  development.  Remember to continue talking with your child throughout  your day similar to how you talked through each illustration.  Use Talk with Me! in order to develop this important habit.  

  • If your goal is to have your child  practice using gestures, sounds, words or phrases, then follow the  suggestions on the bottom of each page. They give you playful ideas for  encouraging your child to imitate and engage in sound and word play.   Review the suggestions silently before getting started.  You’ll catch  on quickly and come up with even more things to say and do.


“Our goal is to get ​Talk with Me! into the hands of every new parent so they start developing the habit of talking/using rich language during story time and through out their daily routines."  

Teri Kaminski-Peterson

Research shows babies need to hear and interact with words starting their first day of life!  Infants are listening and learning about words before they start talking, and talking to and with a baby is a critical factor in early brain development. 

People are talking about Talk With Me...

"Congratulations on developing a wonderful book that serves many purposes from educating parents on eliciting expressive language to capturing the interest of the very young child with the beautiful illustrations"

-Sherri Graves, MA CCC-SLP 

 "I recently purchased your book and it is absolutely wonderful!! I use it during my toddler communication class and the children love to talk about the pictures. Even the children who are just learning single words feel confident in naming the pictures or making the sounds. I pass along your website and info about your book to my parents all of the time. Thank you."
-Teresa McDermond 

"Thank you very much for sending us a copy of your book. We love it! What a brilliant idea and wonderful illustrations! We will use it well, and I am sure it will be of interest to many of our families".
-Nancy R. Kaufman, M.A.CCC/SLP, Director, The Kaufman Children's Center For Speech, Language, Sensory-Motor, and Social Connections, Inc. 

"I absolutely LOVE the book!! I am an early intervention speech therapist and I am always looking for new and exciting materials to keep the little ones engaged. Thank you for doing a book like this! It is so nice to be able to show parents how to look and comment on the pictures in any book. There are so many things to talk about an each page and so many chances for little ones to try and imitate! Thanks again for a great book!!"
-Jenny M. 

"I work with a group of toddlers ranging in age from 18 to 30 months. I use this book almost every day for our "circle" time. I have found the book to be very helpful with every day words for these children. They ask for the "no no puppy book" all the time, and they cry when I tell them we can't read it right away! The children love the make all the animal noises and they also love to perform all the actions. I strongly suggest this book to anyone who has children that are learning gestures, sounds, and words."
Kristin - Playhouse Childcare Center

"I would like to convey how grateful I am for a book such as this. My daughter who is 3 has had speech problems for some time. She responded very well to the book when the speech teacher introduced it to her. I cannot wait to have this book in our home."
-Krista S, Rice MN 


Book Review by Early Interventionist.

About the Author


Teri Kaminski-Peterson

M.S. CCC/SLP Pediatric Speech Pathologist

Teri  is a board-certified speech-language  pathologist holding the Certificate of Clinical Competence with the  American Speech and Hearing Association. Since 1985 Teri has specialized  in early intervention, providing family-centered services with a  passion for connecting parents with tools that stimulate language  development within the context of their every day environments and  familiar routines. Retiring from private practice in 2012, Teri  currently enjoys her days providing speech pathology services to  children in the Pequot Lakes School District and connecting with  professionals and families using her books. 

She is the creator of The  Big Book of Exclamations and Talk with Me, The Big Book of Exclamations  2.

Teri currently resides with her family in the Brainerd Lakes Area of  Minnesota.


Teri K. Peterson M.S. CCC/SLP

Pediatric Speech Pathologist


Phone: (218) 838-5352 

 Mail: 34410 County Road 39  Pequot Lakes, MN 56472